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Getting the most out-of-step functions

Step functions are a great way to make code that is easy to read and understand, but they can also be very frustrating. In this article, you'll learn how to use step functions to make programs that...

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What Is the Test-Driven Development Architecture?

Combining unit testing and coding, the Test Driven Development Framework (TDD) is a software development methodology. Before developing the actual code, it is intended to build failing tests for ea...

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7 Astonishing Errors Committed During Scrum

Even though Scrum is an excellent way of producing software, there are several typical blunders that individuals make when using it. One of these common blunders is beginning with the process rathe...

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10 Must-Dos for Effective Code Reviews

If you are the person who sent in the code for review, you should remember that you know more about it than the person who is reviewing it. Because of this, you should be honest and open about it. ...

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Raise Your Game the way You Approach Software Engineer

The book "Level up on the Software Practices" explains how to lead an engineering group. It highlights the techniques used by the most effective engineering managers and provides valuable insights ...

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Over-Engineering Your Products or Services

The ability to shift one's viewpoint is crucial for effective issue resolution. It's a great way to spark creativity and see things in a new light. Visualize yourself as an outsider looking in on t...

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Adapting to the "You Build It, You Run It" Mentality

You can encourage your staff to take ownership of software development by adopting a "You Build It You Run It" approach. It necessitates revamping your team structures, rethinking your company's ...

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Building Great Engineering Organizations and Groups

What makes for a great culture and organization in engineering? People are the starting point. People who work together, are given the freedom to make decisions, and work together to reach the same...

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Google's Software Engineering Philosophy

One of the defining characteristics of the Google Software Engineering Philosophy is the management's openness to share feedback with engineers. This feedback is given to team members as a bon...

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Processes, Tools, and Benefits of Creating a New Execution Platform for Clients

Unal Patel recalls that the platform imperative was first emphasized a year ago, but it is now more important than ever. Companies must respond immediately to avoid being supplanted by smaller com...

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